Design & Consulting

Kimberly C. Rhyan is a designer and brand strategist who supports her clients to maximize their stories for impact. She is dedicated to empowering her clients through strategic coaching; she also designs websites, branding campaigns, social media platforms, flyers, etc. She has 15 years of creative communication and design experience.

She previously worked in Higher Education for 15 years and used her creativity and design skills to enhance programs, initiatives, and outcomes. Specializing in both Fine Art & Creative Arts Therapy, she helps organizations and individuals develop maps for the advancement of their mission. Kimberly helps clients create road-maps to reach their community through effective design and communication strategies. Her mission focuses on utilizing her creativity to support goal attainment.


Website/Social Media Content Developer: Fine-tune and write content for individuals and/or organizations.

Branding Strategist: Development of logos, design structure, color palettes, etc. to communicate mission, vision, goals, and outcomes.

Promotion Producer: Create marketing materials and deliver consistent messaging via social media, website, brochures, media kits, etc.

Strategic Planner: Facilitate innovative solutions and deliver an achievable action plan that supports success.

Client Coaching and Mapping: Serve clients to execute their dream and accomplish their mission.

Curriculum and Design: Develop content and education materials for program implementation.

Soul-inspired clients:

Danita Thornton

Rayshawn L. Wilson

My Very Own Blanket

FCN Foundation

Fostering Change Network Foundation

Nick Jackson Speaks and Love Speaks

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