Consulting & Speaking

Kimberly C. Rhyan is a professional speaker and artist who believes that art, creativity, and community cultivate a unique space for healing and growth to happen through education, reflection, action and transformation.

Specializing in Creative Arts Therapy, she helps organizations and individuals develop maps for actualizing hopes and dreams. Kimberly has a passion to help others create road-maps to step into their future. Her mission focuses on utilizing the arts to enhance resilience and empower everyone to reach their goals.

She inspires people through her keynote messages and workshops to have a deeper connection to themselves and others through the arts and storytelling. Explore some of her consulting and/or speaking topics below and contact her at to develop a unique presentation and/or consulting plan for your organization.

Supporting Foster Youth Training Topics:
  • Fostering Resiliency through Storytelling
  • This is an experiential workshop series for Foster Families and Supporters of Foster Youth: Kimberly Rhyan will share her personal story about “never giving up” and overcoming adversity as a former foster youth. She will teach participants how to cultivate learning experiences that empower foster youth and families to practice a growth mindset. Foster parents will complete at least five resiliency practices to implement with youth/children. Secondary wounding and secondary traumatization will also be explored. Compassion, empathy, and listening will be explored as pathways to building trust and navigating difficult conversations.
Foster Care/Foster Youth/First-Generation College Students/Student Parents/At-Risk Youth:
  • Try and Try Again: Never Give Up on Your Goals: Kimberly focuses on sharing her journey and how she overcome barriers in her life to overcome, proving she wasn’t a statistic of being a former foster youth or single-parent. She will share resiliency practices and how to map your future.
  • Prioritizing and Fulfilling the Steps to Self-Care and ForgivenessIn this General Session, Kimberly utilizes her degrees in Creative Arts Therapy and Fine Art to teach young adults in and from foster care about the forgiveness and reconciliation as pathways to healing through anxiety, trauma and PTSD. This session will include hands-on activities that will explore self-awareness and aspirations, as they relate to relationships and a career.
Higher Education Professionals:
  • Building Student Support Systems: Kimberly discusses barriers and addresses programmatic solutions for students to persist and graduate.
  • Supporting Foster Youth in Higher Education: Kimberly will lead your campus through the process of designing a network of support for students who identify as former foster youth. She will guide Student Affairs teams to strategically create a model for enhancing campus communication while equipping teams to address barriers to success. Experiential Techniques will be utilized to create improved outcomes.

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