Introducing Visual Storyteller: Kimberly C. Rhyan

Kimberly Rhyan creates a one-of-a-kind experience through her mapping workshops. Soul-inspired Storytelling empowers participants to tell their stories through creative expression and diagramming. Kimberly can complete mapping diagrams (Similar to a vision board) for individuals at a group rate or she can empower groups to create their own maps. It’s not just about making a map, it’s about coaching and having crucial conversations about goal development and execution. This program is great for teams and emerging leaders. Either way, contact to book your event today!

Mapping is a way that promotes discovery and understanding of myself and others. It’s a process that happens simultaneously while listening/learning.  I strive to practice reflective listening by opening my heart, soul and mind while drawing. Fostering storytelling is important in my artwork and it helps me process my experiences while also celebrating other people’s voices. I seek to synthesize and harvest information while visually celebrating a-ha moments.  I am not just recording output, but I am striving to unravel the meaning and essence of our stories.”

-Kimberly C. Rhyan

Soul-inspired Storytelling by Kimberly C. Rhyan

Storytelling Program Goals:

  • Participants will identify their own strengths and develop areas for growth and/or
  • Participants will be able to learn strategies for overcoming setbacks, developing new skills in the process.

Storytelling Learning outcomes:

  • Self-efficacy: Participants will self-actualize at least three goals.
  • Inquiry: Participants will articulate their story through analyzing, reflecting, and synthesizing; a specific plan with at least three action steps will be developed.
  • Motivation: Participants will increase their goal-driven aspirations to complete goals; everyone will receive a map capturing their goals and action steps.
  • Please contact to book a storytelling/mapping event.
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