(Jenga &) Perseverance.

In this NEW Year (beyond our conflicted country), in just the span of five weeks, my life has toppled over like Jenga pieces; life has been messy and disconnected.  In this chaos, I see opportunities for growth and recognize areas for improvement. Thank God, I am not stuck, but instead, I continue on my path.Continue reading “(Jenga &) Perseverance.”


#growthmindset from age 5 to 39

I told myself that I would write at least once a month ( AND WRITE AUTHENTICALLY) in order to practice reflection. Right now, I feel like death. I have a cold with the absolute worst congestion and an unbearable sore throat….but this is my motivation for writing. So I press on, literally. No one ORContinue reading “#growthmindset from age 5 to 39”

My 360° Moment at MVNU

I have prepared many speeches but yesterday was more than unique; sharing my testimony in chapel at Mount Vernon Nazarene University challenged me to dig deep in order to tell my story of reconciliation which covered the past 39 years. I wrote my speech a month ago and began practicing it in the car twiceContinue reading “My 360° Moment at MVNU”

Self-care and so much more…at Ohio Reach’s first College Retreat!

I have attempted to keep my writing separate from my work, but this week,  my professional career and personal journey of transformation blended. This week, we conducted a week-long conference and  inducted new Scholars (former foster youth) into the Columbus State Scholar Network. We have nearly 20 students this semester! Yesterday, Columbus State Community CollegeContinue reading “Self-care and so much more…at Ohio Reach’s first College Retreat!”

Writing, Contemplation & Change

Over the past week, I started to write August’s post on three different days. I was torn because I have been asking myself (in the greater context(s) of both the election season and social justice), “What can I do- of significance- to make a difference?” I do not write every day or every week –Continue reading “Writing, Contemplation & Change”

Beyond the flower: #nomudnolotus

So…why a lotus? Since my arrival into this world, my beginning was a struggle of survival.  My parents divorced when I was just a baby. My dad was just gone. My mother was present but gone from my sight. She was addicted to drugs and abusive men. Trauma was my building blocks and it wouldContinue reading “Beyond the flower: #nomudnolotus”

writers block, sort of…

I just haven’t been posting and sometimes it feels like writer’s block. And I suppose I’ve been holding back – because this platform shouldn’t be my journal. After all, this is a blog – not a notebook of my private thoughts. Right? Agree? Disagree? Well, this sounds reasonable, except my life has normally been anContinue reading “writers block, sort of…”