Purposeful Beginnings (Via Family Tree)

FYI: This post was inspired by National Adoption Month! I am thankful for folks who choose adoption, especially my grandma and grandpa, who adopted my Mom. I am thankful for my foster parents who didn’t adopt me legally, but who still call me their middle daughter, 20 years after they invited me to join theirContinue reading “Purposeful Beginnings (Via Family Tree)”


The Experience of Hoping…..

Just a little while ago,  I cleaned up the living room and managed to make a path from here to there. And then I decided to turn off the TV… Thankfully,  this process prepared me to clear my mind. I now hear the rain, my son’s cough and the humming of the fridge; thank goodness,Continue reading “The Experience of Hoping…..”

FYI: (Re)Centering in Progress!!!

(http://www.unitync.net/Labyrinth.html) Meditating and journaling are tools that I have practice since I was in 4th grade; I have learned to thrive and evolve as a former foster youth/leader/ professional because I invested time in taking care of my core, the center of my being.  Journaling is a tool to self-reflect, record thoughts, evaluate options, shareContinue reading “FYI: (Re)Centering in Progress!!!”

Without Explanation

I close my eyes And exhale- Squinting through shadows Focusing on a bright light A source of relevation Increasing the capacity to be Fully present In this moment Even though life is Fully chaotic Unclear Full of knots and cannot- Squeezing Fists full of ache Twisting Enveloping Questioning What is and what is not NothingContinue reading “Without Explanation”