Hope. Strength. Courage.

There was a time and place where I would have written, “Facing the unknown creates anxiety and fear.” I find myself progressing and developing awareness of self, which allows me to experience life differently and more fully. Today, I write, “Facing anxiety and fear moves you from the unknown to full knowledge of your potentialContinue reading “Hope. Strength. Courage.”


3/30 The Maybe Musings of an Artist, #napomo

There is a passageway A darkened tunnel filled with complete disaster and breakthroughs To create something new is to unveil inner-most knowledge In the midst of roadblocks and life’s many responsibilities, Including motherhood- Space is pushed back from all sides And compacted to clear the mental clutter, to do lists, and piles of laundry- GivenContinue reading “3/30 The Maybe Musings of an Artist, #napomo”

1/30, A proper introduction, #napomo

For a long time, I have considered- No, I have definitely scrutinized the odds, The peculiar pull of knowing that there is more to be known. Not just more, but someone- One person who gets most of my quirky tendencies- An equal confident and best-friend Who doesn’t reject my instinct to pull away- (Because unfortunately,Continue reading “1/30, A proper introduction, #napomo”

Ready to win my life back

Today’s post is inspired by a phrase that Dolvett Quince speaks to his contestants on The Biggest Loser. During workouts on the show, he shouts, “win your life back!!!” Last week, when I heard him shout, “Win your life back,” I wept. Since I was 11 years old, food has been an inappropriate coping mechanism.Continue reading “Ready to win my life back”

Purposeful Beginnings (Via Family Tree)

FYI: This post was inspired by National Adoption Month! I am thankful for folks who choose adoption, especially my grandma and grandpa, who adopted my Mom. I am thankful for my foster parents who didn’t adopt me legally, but who still call me their middle daughter, 20 years after they invited me to join theirContinue reading “Purposeful Beginnings (Via Family Tree)”

Cause for Reflection

About a month before I found out I was pregnant, I told a mentor of mine, in these exact words, “I never want to have kids.” I was confident in my decision based on the facts, which included my parents getting divorced when I was 9 months old,  my mother giving me up on twoContinue reading “Cause for Reflection”

Without Explanation

I close my eyes And exhale- Squinting through shadows Focusing on a bright light A source of relevation Increasing the capacity to be Fully present In this moment Even though life is Fully chaotic Unclear Full of knots and cannot- Squeezing Fists full of ache Twisting Enveloping Questioning What is and what is not NothingContinue reading “Without Explanation”

Pieces of Paper 10/30 (NaPoMo)

my baby book says, my first word was” good,” but trauma shut down my lips I couldn’t speak- ironically, I was held back in third grade but won a 4th grade spelling bee- I fell in love with words, I felt liberated- but that’s when I was given my first diary- words of hatred expounded I  described everything untilContinue reading “Pieces of Paper 10/30 (NaPoMo)”