3/30 The Maybe Musings of an Artist, #napomo

There is a passageway A darkened tunnel filled with complete disaster and breakthroughs To create something new is to unveil inner-most knowledge In the midst of roadblocks and life’s many responsibilities, Including motherhood- Space is pushed back from all sides And compacted to clear the mental clutter, to do lists, and piles of laundry- GivenContinue reading “3/30 The Maybe Musings of an Artist, #napomo”


1/30, A proper introduction, #napomo

For a long time, I have considered- No, I have definitely scrutinized the odds, The peculiar pull of knowing that there is more to be known. Not just more, but someone- One person who gets most of my quirky tendencies- An equal confident and best-friend Who doesn’t reject my instinct to pull away- (Because unfortunately,Continue reading “1/30, A proper introduction, #napomo”