Cause for Reflection

About a month before I found out I was pregnant, I told a mentor of mine, in these exact words, “I never want to have kids.” I was confident in my decision based on the facts, which included my parents getting divorced when I was 9 months old,  my mother giving me up on twoContinue reading “Cause for Reflection”


The Experience of Hoping…..

Just a little while ago,  I cleaned up the living room and managed to make a path from here to there. And then I decided to turn off the TV… Thankfully,  this process prepared me to clear my mind. I now hear the rain, my son’s cough and the humming of the fridge; thank goodness,Continue reading “The Experience of Hoping…..”

FYI: (Re)Centering in Progress!!!

( Meditating and journaling are tools that I have practice since I was in 4th grade; I have learned to thrive and evolve as a former foster youth/leader/ professional because I invested time in taking care of my core, the center of my being.  Journaling is a tool to self-reflect, record thoughts, evaluate options, shareContinue reading “FYI: (Re)Centering in Progress!!!”

(Heart, Soul and Mind).

To be transformed, in my opinion, is to have an experience that completely revolutionizes one’s way of thinking and doing; in other words, it’s an experience that alters your state of being, including every fiber of one’s existence. I can share many stories about “leadership transformation,” but there is just one, which truly revolutionized myContinue reading “(Heart, Soul and Mind).”

Without Explanation

I close my eyes And exhale- Squinting through shadows Focusing on a bright light A source of relevation Increasing the capacity to be Fully present In this moment Even though life is Fully chaotic Unclear Full of knots and cannot- Squeezing Fists full of ache Twisting Enveloping Questioning What is and what is not NothingContinue reading “Without Explanation”

Pieces of Paper 10/30 (NaPoMo)

my baby book says, my first word was” good,” but trauma shut down my lips I couldn’t speak- ironically, I was held back in third grade but won a 4th grade spelling bee- I fell in love with words, I felt liberated- but that’s when I was given my first diary- words of hatred expounded I  described everything untilContinue reading “Pieces of Paper 10/30 (NaPoMo)”