360° Moments: Reflection

Every month this year, I hope to share 360° moments. Yesterday, I hung new posters in my K-5 classroom which also serves as the library. In my Husky Paw Pride class (social-emotional learning class), we have learned about responding to set-backs & developing a growth mindset. The library makes me remember my roots each day.🤍InContinue reading “360° Moments: Reflection”

Flight Forward

Over the past 48 hours, I have seen some posts comparing 2022 to a new flight. The following memories flooded the timeline of my heart- When I was a kid, my grandmother would play this Flight Final album every time I spent the night. She was a very faithful Nazarene/Christian. This record tells a storyContinue reading “Flight Forward”

Just a little perspective.

AnXiety- You X the spot where I don’t want to be. Even in the light, you sneak around it and make it impossible to feel safe and in the worst of situations, you completely cover it up like it never existed. Anxiety is very sneaky and I know it is coming. I am its prey.Continue reading “Just a little perspective.”

Relational Resiliency & Foster Care Awareness Month

For the past four weeks, I have been doing something for ME and I have to thank my friend because she is babysitting my son and  making it possible for me to take a 6-week class on Thursdays. It just so happens to be Foster Care Awareness Month and my class is about Relational ResiliencyContinue reading “Relational Resiliency & Foster Care Awareness Month”

Purposefully Playing the Hand that You’re Dealt

#happiness💕#reflectionsfromaformerfosteryouth #mothersday#mentalhealthawarenessmonth#nationalfostercaremonth May is National Foster Care Month. Foster care is more than a label & Foster youth are NOT a statistic. This month and all throughthe year, may we foster strength and humanity by celebrating foster care voices. Voices of Foster Strength: I am sharing my own journey!🎉 This week, I stepped out ofContinue reading “Purposefully Playing the Hand that You’re Dealt”

Gratitude & Ending the Cycle

I’ve always wanted to write my memoir because I want to help others overcome. I didn’t realize until very recently, that my son and I had very similar hand gestures that we made as babies. And for some reason…the very thought of us being uniquely the same, even though it’s just represented in a fewContinue reading “Gratitude & Ending the Cycle”

Make it Happen: Action + Reflection = Change

This year, I decided to choose a mission word for 2019. My word is action because dreaming big is just the beginning, but change requires so much more than a great idea.  We need a plan for action with results… No matter if we are 14 or 41…. Every month, I am going to completeContinue reading “Make it Happen: Action + Reflection = Change”

Resiliency Lessons in Action

#resilience #mamapriorities #nevernevergiveup I recently attended the #ocpa2018 annual conference about Resiliency and was also scheduled to be a program session presenter on Friday at 9 a.m.! Early Friday morning, I was getting ready when I got a call on my hotel phone at 6:30 am from my babysitter. It’s not the call you everContinue reading “Resiliency Lessons in Action”

The Gift of Mentoring

Her act of kindness transformed a moment of ache into a memory of love. I am so incredibly thankful for Crystal and her role in my life. She made a heartfelt choice to support and guide me towards my dreams. She continues to be in my life and I wouldn’t be the woman I am today without her mentoring and care!

Hope. Strength. Courage.

There was a time and place where I would have written, “Facing the unknown creates anxiety and fear.” I find myself progressing and developing awareness of self, which allows me to experience life differently and more fully. Today, I write, “Facing anxiety and fear moves you from the unknown to full knowledge of your potentialContinue reading “Hope. Strength. Courage.”