Writing, Contemplation & Change

Over the past week, I started to write August’s post on three different days. I was torn because I have been asking myself (in the greater context(s) of both the election season and social justice), “What can I do- of significance- to make a difference?”

I do not write every day or every week – I simply haven’t had the time or space to dedicate at a micro level to write more frequently but I figured if I could just get into this writing zone once a month, then I would be able to establish consistency in my writing to progress my creativity for the long haul. But more than the practice, is the PURPOSE. I seek to write to reflect (and encourage others).

I spend a lot of time meditating and breathing purposefully; this is an intentional practice that I began in college that impacted my ability to cope with stressors. MEDITATION PREPARES MY HEART TO LISTEN. When I am at odds with the universe,  I find myself focusing on what I can change-ME.

The best way I know to change myself is to zoom in on “WDYDWYD?”  (Why do you do what you do?) For better or for worse, I think about my intent and the desired results of my actions. And meditation is my practice because I know that sometimes my intent becomes operationalized in a series of actions and reactions that can be misguided because I get caught up in the results- instead, I should stay longer in the PROCESS.  The motto of my alma mater (MVNU) states, “To seek to learn is to seek to serve (& understand).”

(BTW, I added, “& understand”)

I am a better learner when I become still. If I just slow down. STOP. And LISTEN. I become more aware and suddenly I begin to pay attention to the moment itself- which is usually focused on RELATIONSHIP building- and I become less distracted by results; only then do I  begin to realize the importance of my own role to “BE the change.”

AUTHENTIC change begins within; but every word and action says something about what we value or do not value. What do you value and reflect those values on a daily basis? We can embody change when we learn to open ourselves through contemplation, followed by action by giving our TIME to OTHERS; this is another way of expressing our vulnerabilities and learning to be more RECEPTIVE. Ask yourself, just as I have asked myself….”What can I do- of significance-to make a difference?” And then, take a step in your own life to  “BE the change.”

What matters more than ever to me? Relationships and RECONCILIATION

Please look for more  in September’s post!

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