2/30, YMCA Sports camp, #napomo

My little athlete-

Always starts off resistant

From the moment

he passes the Pop-Tarts

in the vending machine-

They are always the worst possible distraction!

Today, for the first time in 7 weeks,

He had a male instructor

Who motivated my son

To stay in line, listen, run around and around-

catch, throw, and play flag football-

at the close of class,

my son walks up to the coach

(with a little nudging)

And says “Thank you”

And then it happens again,

We exit the gym doors….

And I hear,

“I am hungry, pop-tarts!!!”

My answer is still no,

His grumpy little face

Says it all.

My heart asks why?

But it takes just a few geese outside

To turn that frown around.

Until we return-

For the last class next week!

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