2/30, YMCA Sports camp, #napomo

My little athlete-

Always starts off resistant

From the moment

he passes the Pop-Tarts

in the vending machine-

They are always the worst possible distraction!

Today, for the first time in 7 weeks,

He had a male instructor

Who motivated my son

To stay in line, listen, run around and around-

catch, throw, and play flag football-

at the close of class,

my son walks up to the coach

(with a little nudging)

And says “Thank you”

And then it happens again,

We exit the gym doors….

And I hear,

“I am hungry, pop-tarts!!!”

My answer is still no,

His grumpy little face

Says it all.

My heart asks why?

But it takes just a few geese outside

To turn that frown around.

Until we return-

For the last class next week!


Published by soulinspiredkcr

I am an experienced speaker, trainer and consultant that teaches and inspires universities, foster care agencies, foster youth and families to practice resilience strategies via storytelling, creative arts and heart work. My passion is to empower individuals and organizations to succeed! Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest & Instagram: @soulinspiredkcr Bookings: Please contact kimberly.c.rhyan@gmail.com

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