For the record, I was assigned #8 (These are more like stories, rather than facts)

Today, my post was inspired by my cousin; she posted ten interesting things about herself; I “liked” her post, so she assigned me to write eight statements about myself. Today’s inspiration comes from my cousin, in more ways than one; she is a teacher, so all of my “interesting” facts/stories are about my educational experiences.Thanks Melissa! And here I go…..

  1. Every year in elementary school, I tried out for the annual talent show (My talent was always singing and/or lip-syncing and dancing) . I never won a spot, but I never gave up;  in 5th grade, I was invited to be a clown and perform during intermission; I threw a bucket of paper on my teacher, Mr. Sanor. #ialwaysfoundawaytolaugh
  2. I participated in a food fight in fourth grade (this guy Chad threw a banana at my friend Catana); this happened on the same day that we had planned a surprise birthday party for my teacher; I cried and wailed in the hallway while my class  still had the party during recess: I remember all the teachers laughing at me as they passed me in the hall. Mrs. Amick eventually invited me inside the class and I gave her earrings. #donteverthrowfoodinschool
  3. In fourth grade, I was elected to class council and I also won the fourth grade spelling bee! However, I lost the school spelling bee because I spelled broiled wrong! Looking back, I still did a great job, despite having dyslexia, being held back in third grade, and overcoming a speech impediment. #getoutofmyway
  4. In Spanish class in 8th grade, I was soo quiet (I guess being in foster care can do that). After returning to Spanish class (with the same teacher) for a couple years, during one of my classes, my teacher asked me to stay after class; I knew why; I was talking in class when I shouldn’t have! After class, Mrs. Barboza, told me that I needed to do less socializing and more practicing of my verb tenses! However, she also addressed a transformation that she had witnessed; she told me that I had emerged into a beautiful butterfly, from the first time she met me, until that intervention; her words (even in a different language) always had a tremendous impact on me. She forever imprinted a positive self-image upon my heart. She reinforced that I had truly survived and thrived through personal hardship to become a strong woman. Thanks, Mrs. Barboza! #abutterflyemergedinthewinterwoods
  5. I was inducted into the National Honor Society in High School; during my senior year, I took Transition to College Math; a lot of folks cheated in that class and they told me to cheat too. I refused and I flunked the class (I literally got a “F”); before graduation, I actually went to the H.S. guidance counselor’s office and asked her to revoke my honor society status, to which she responded, “Go back to class Kim, it’s okay.” #onefaildoesnotchangeanything
  6. In college, I spent my first semester of college sleeping in the laundry room; my first roommate was a nightmare (I’m sure that I was no picnic either); I learned from a friend that her parents demanded that the school remove me from the room and I was asked the Sunday before thanksgiving  to move out of my room.  She never returned after Christmas break. I guess if that didn’t happen, I wouldn’t have known the pleasure and angst of being roommates with my second roommate, Buffy!! #justnotroommatematerial
  7. In 8th grade, my gym teacher told me that I couldn’t run in a straight line, in 10th grade, he told me that I wasn’t supposed to slide into first base,  he also took my golf club away and told me that I could walk around the field instead. I guess he remembered that I couldn’t run in a straight line. ” I’m surprised that I passed gym class at all…. Thanks Mr. McCullough. #notagymclasshero
  8. During my freshman year of college, I had heartburn to the extent that I thought I was dying; the school referred me to a doctor, who just told me that I was adjusting to college food (huh?). During the summer, I went to my pediatrician and she immediately sent me to the hospital for an ultrasound; I was diagnosed with gallstones and I lost 30 lbs by rollerblading everyday to prepare for my gallbladder surgery. Oh, by the way, I counted my gallstones and I had 60! #nevershallackedmygallstonesImage

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